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Cruising Along Croatia’s Coastline


Ten thousand islands, one thousand miles of coastline on the Adriatic Sea, crystal clear waters, stunningly beautiful scenery, eight National Parks, and ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Not bad for a tiny country just off the coast of eastern Europe directly across from the “calf” of Italy’s boot. We experienced a bit of all that this region has to offer and enjoyed our time there immensely. 

Our travels took us along Dalmatian coast where cuisine is based heavily on fresh seasonal and local vegetables, olive oil, garlic, rosemary and parsley. Croatian food has been influenced by the tastes and traditions of bordering countries, as well as nations that ruled throughout its history. You’ll find most ingredients in the local markets where various kinds of seafood, freshly plucked out of the Adriatic, are on display.

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Debrovnik is quite possibly the most important reason to visit Croatia. This walled seaside city has centuries-old forts surrounding an enormous, picturesque Old Town, with scenic wall walks and stunning views of the cliffs and sea.

As my pictures highlight, I was clearly charmed by the shiny, almost glass-like limestone walkways and streets, imagining the countless feet and carts that have traveled on the same ground over the centuries; the charming old stone houses being updated in quirky ways, colorful/creative local artist studios, ancient medieval stone buildings/churches AND the traditional terra cotta rooftops.

We had a good time getting lost among the city’s narrow alleyways, enjoying the hidden nooks and crannies and then happening upon charming cafes where we could enjoy a bite to eat and drink before finding our way back to shore.

What we did not see but would highly recommend: Plitvice Lakes National Park, known for its stunning lakes and jaw-dropping waterfalls. It’s one of those UNESCO sites not to be missed if you go. Or when we go again.

Photography: Lois Anderson / Video Production: Mariya Anderson


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