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Delete the Duds?

Not so fast! By now you may have exhausted every other shelter-in-place/organize-your-home, option–quite possibly leaving the worst ‘til last. For me, that’s photos. I have boxes and bins as well as online albums and files on numerous, now-defunct computers. Today could be a perfect time to tackle this project. In small pieces. Even a few minutes a day could yield big results, right?

With that in mind, I have to share one of my all-time favorite activities that ended as holiday gifts: generating captions for pictures that I might have otherwise tossed.

Here’s how: I carried old photos along with Post-It’s and pen to jot down possible captions as I ran errands. A bit of insanity leaked out at each red light.

As I sorted through thousands of paper pictures, I tried to remind myself that what was tossed in the trash could very well be a keeper.

All that’s required is a little time in traffic (or home lockdown) combined with a willingness to take life a little less seriously. Or at least laugh along the way during dreary times like these.


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