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FRESH PERSPECTIVES is in the process of being UPDATED from our original website to a far fresher format. It will take time to populate this new site with informative, helpful and/or inspiring ideas.

Bear with me and continue to return as the site expands in size, scope and relevance to you and other moms working at and, now more than ever, working from home.

Whoever would have predicted this crazy set of circumstances?

How are you staying safe and sane during these challenging times?

What about sharing simple, practical ideas/resources and strategies to help cope with this current crisis?


  1. Getting out of the house and into nature has helped tremendously. I’m choosing a different neighborhood each day, pausing to enjoy, photograph and share SPRING on my iPhone via Instagram. And, today, capturing quirky/creative additions people have inserted in their gardens. Loved seeing the dogs/perfect for training my puppy to heal while saying hello.

  2. If I need to go to a store, I use Apple Pay which, for the most part, requires no signature/just a simple double click of your phone.

  3. I shower at night to wash off the remains of the day/good strategy for allergies, as well.

  4. I’ve started cleaning closets and boxing that which could go on to others.

  5. I am streaming TV shows/mostly news/while working on my computer using the same screen. This may or may not work for you. I like staying in touch with what’s happening in the world/this may be too much for you and/or ME going forward. A friend helped me set this up on I wish I could tell you how to do this. Cannot. But I bet someone in your family could help if you’re interested.

  6. I’ve posted signs on all incoming doors: “PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS UPON ENTERING.” Hand sanitizer at one door, a sink on the other major outside door.

  7. Our small yoga class is expanding now that we have conquered Zoom!

SO, WHAT’S WORKING IN YOU WORLD? I know we’d all benefit, as we always do during in our monthly meetings, from your creative input.

Be smart. Stay safe. Stay strong. Jot down your strategies. Be prepared to share with the rest of us. Stay tuned.


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