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Helping Your Garden Grow (almost anywhere)

OK, so you’re a gardener or thinking about becoming one. Now that the weather is finally warming up, you can’t wait to get out into your garden. Except that you may or may not actually have ground to cultivate. And/or very little sun. Not a problem. There are ways around this seemingly insurmountable challenge.

Years ago, a gardening instructor recommended growing tomatoes in gutters. As in the ones attached to your roof. Since we don’t get much rain during the summer months in California, this seemed like a plausible, if not Totally Entertaining, idea. Dangling tomatoes. So easy to harvest. Absolutely no doubt about when to clean the gutters before winter rains arrived. I liked parts of this idea a lot.

You can imagine my delight in discovering that our NYC friends, Martin and Melanie, had come close to my original vision: creating a rooftop garden just outside their second-floor art studio. The first two pictures were taken during winter/not exactly the height of production. Still, I think it demonstrates just how resourceful one can be with little or no obvious ground to cultivate.

Take a look at how successful Gardening in Small Spaces worked for M and M the following summer.

Another day I’ll tell you about taking your garden for a walk. If you have kids/grandchildren/any child at heart in your life, I promise that you’re going to enjoy this novel FP concept.

So, get out there — go shopping for seeds and seedlings to plant in the ground, in pots, in window boxes or in another, yet-to-be-revealed idea. Stay tuned.


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