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Make Mine a Misaka

This stunning early-blooming peony is one of my all-time favorite spring-blooming flowers. If/when nurseries are able to open in your area, (maybe soon?) you might find this or another equally wonderful peony. Access Monrovia growers here, enter your zip code and you’ll be able to find a store near you that stocks their plants. In this new normal, I know that this could be a stretch. But so worth giving it a try. And if not this year, make a note on your calendar to check out availability next spring.

From Monrovia Growers: “The magnificent blooms first open orange, then fade to a beautiful peachy yellow. The abundant, large flowers reach up to eight inches across, feature especially prominent dark red central flares and produce a delightful mild fragrance. Vigorous, disease-resistant growth habit. An herbaceous perennial.” 


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