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Navigating The Pandemic as a Parent

Covid-19 has upended family life around the world. Amid coronavirus fears, school closures and shelter-in-place mandates, millions of moms and dads have started spending a lot more time with their kids, in new roles. And it’s NOT easy.

Here’s a perspective worth sharing with all you know who are in the midst of figuring out this new reality:

“Amidst the chaos of schools and offices closing, spring break cancellations, and frantic grocery hoarding, parents now feel that they must take on the full weight of their child’s education.”

“I can promise you that if your child learns nothing during this pandemic but how to deal with the unexpected and how to care for themselves amid chaos, they will have learned more than any book could teach them. You are not your child’s teacher, but you are the parent. Take a deep breath.”

Read the rest of this excellent article and pass it on to other parents.


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