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Smart Systems For All Sorts of Scenarios

If you’ve lived in earthquake country long enough, you’ve undoubtedly experienced how unnerving seismic shifts can be.

We knew that nothing, short of a very large earthquake, could possibly move the several thousand pound stone mantle that Four Extraordinarily Strong Men had placed in front of our fireplace. “Nothing,” I noted, “other than a mammoth earthquake.”

Why did I feel the need to say that? Remind me to never do that ever again.

On October 17, 1989 we found ourselves sweeping up the remnants of our Enormous, Sure-to-Never-Budge, Mantle. We learned a lot from that experience. No more propped up anything/s. And ever since, our pantry doors have been in lockdown mode.

Thanks to the Safety 1st Magnetic Tot Lok, plates/glasses, etc./though perhaps totally smashed in an earthquake/will remain in the cabinets until we decide to deal.

But you need to know this: Earthquakes are not the only reason to consider this little locking mechanism. It’s perfect for little folks AND teens tempted to see how well your liquor cabinet is stocked. Not YOUR kids, of course/all the others who might be around when you’re not. It’s invisible from the outside and is opened by sliding a magnet in place/this can be tricky at first but you’re fast learners, right? I thought so. Read the reviews on Amazon and make your own decision. Order one and try it out. If you’re handy, you can install it yourself.


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