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About Fresh Perspectives

Welcome to Fresh Perspectives! I’m Lois. Come travel with me on this wonderfully wild adventure called LIFE. Traveling alone can be tricky. Traveling together is so much more fun and far easier. Trust me. I’ve been at it for almost ¾ of a century. And I’m excited to share with you what has had a significant, life-changing impact on my life.

How it all began:

The tumultuous transition from working as a full-time teacher and resource consultant to becoming a full-time mom had taken its toll.  Sleep deprived and flying by the seat of my pants, I seriously wondered whether I was up to all that motherhood demanded. I felt isolated, overwhelmed, and incredibly incompetent.

A middle-of-the-night epiphany changed all that.  While walking the halls with a colicky child, I generated a series of subjects pertinent to parenting that I thought would be informative and fun to discuss with other moms. I created a flyer outlining a year’s worth of workshops, sent it out the following morning, and Fresh Perspectives was born.

Each month this initial group of twenty-five met in my home to address a different topic.  Our workshops were dynamic, revitalizing, collaborative encounters. We each left with a reservoir of practical, parent-tested resources and inspiring fresh perspectives.

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Now, after more than twenty-five years of facilitating workshops, it is impossible to shelve all that kept us laughing and living with a measure of sanity during those challenging years.  The satisfying solution, I concluded, was to get it out of my hands and into a world of women who could benefit as all of us had. We/those who participated with me in the very beginning/wanted our own children, now having children of their own, to reap the rewards of the incomparable Fresh Perspectives experience.

Amazingly, the material continues to remain as viable and valuable today as it was when it was first shared.  My hope is that this material could be the catalyst for creating the same magic that made our time together with our family particularly memorable.

Here’s to you, wonderful women!

Lois Anderson, founder

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